Zlatan releases new single ‘Good Life (Freestyle)’

Zlatan is a notable figure in Nigerian Hip Hop with his music defining the street-hop sub-genre through his swaggering flows that convey street cadences and party-starting beats.

After dazzling on his ‘Omo Ologo’ EP, Zlatan is extending his 2023 run with the release of a new freestyle single he calls ‘Good Life’.

On his new single, Zlatan takes a victory lap as he flaunts his success and status while recalling his journey from an unknown artist to stardom.

As always, Zlatan displays his striking lyrics and hit-making prowess, moving effortlessly between genres and bridging the worlds of the streets and the mainstream. This project represents the growth, maturity, and ongoing evolution of one of the most talented and celebrated artists in the Nigerian music scene.

His last project ‘Omo Ologo’ is a testament to his talent for striking a balance between the streets and the mainstream. The project reveals Zlatan’s ability to create thoughtful, meaningful storytelling while keeping his finger on the pulse of Nigerian pop culture.

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