Threat to life as Karen James Laments.

An investigative journalist, Karen James, has alleged that her life is in danger.

She stated this in a statement on Thursday, saying that her trouble began after she exposed an alleged scandal in the Anambra Ministry of Education.

Threat to life as Karen James Laments.

By Karen James

In a world where truth-seeking sometimes comes at a high price, Karen James, a journalist investigating corruption in the State education sector, has become the latest target of shadowy assassins sent to silence her.

It might interest you that Karen James had been conducting a month long investigation into the inner workings of the Anambra State education system, where she uncovered massive corruption , incompetence and outright disregard of public yearnings for truth into the Blessed Wisdom Model School saga in Onitsha that abruptly ended their 3rd term promotion examination and inadvertently displacing over 600 school children from schooling hence casting them unto the streets of Onitsha .
Few weeks into publication of the news, Karen James has being receiving death threats and was told to halt the investigation as it was perceived as a direct attack to the Education ministry of Anambra State and far more to the people that calls the shots in the education ministry in Anambra State.
However , she soldiered on, unmoved by the threats directed at her to uncover the rot, incompetence and excessive abuse of power in Anambra State Education ministry.

The journalist’s troubles took a dramatic turn for the worse when she red flagged the probe panel constituted to investigate the incident after closing the school, denying the children their promotion examination and sending over 600 school children to the street abyss .
The incompetency in the Anambra Education sector was brought to bear as the case was never investigated in the first place before sanctioning the school by closing it down to the detriment of the school children rather they relied on a protest letter sent by the child’s parents through their lawyer to pronounce judgement on the school outrightly disregarding the fate of the school children. Karen James was believed to have orchestrated the unchecked incompetence and injustices in the Anambra Education sector and hence must be mowed down at all cost.

Since that revelation, Karen James alleges that she has been the target of several assassination attempts, as unscrupulous individuals, reportedly sent after her, seek to silence her as she remained defiant in halting the investigation. Fearing for her life, the journalist, who now resides in hiding, has cried out, questioning why journalists should be targeted when doing their work of uncovering wrongdoings in the society.

“Is it a sin to investigate matters as a journalist? Aren’t journalists meant to uphold the truth and expose corruption wherever they find it? Why do I need to be hunted down like an animal for doing my job?” Karen laments. She also made it clear that if anything should happen to her , the general public and the security agencies knows where to beam their search lights directly and hold them responsible and accountable.

As her quest for truth continues, Karen remains focused and determined to unearth every illegal activity in the Anambra education system and bring those responsible to justice. However, the dangers she faces for daring to investigate this matter and bring out the truth raises a bigger question: Is it a crime for journalists to ask questions where powerful personalities are involved, or is the truth always too bitter a pill for someone to swallow?
Today makes it 31days since the closure of Blessed Wisdom Model School Onitsha and few weeks from now schools will reopen, What exactly did the probe panel found and how will the over 600 school children go back to school ? These questions have not been answered by Anambra State Education Ministry . Let justice be done to these school children for them to get back to school by reopening the school.
However, 3 letters has been written to the Governor concerning this Blessed Wisdom Model School Onitsha closure saga and the governor have not acted on the little children fate, it shows that the Governor does not care about the future of the little 600 children.
If I can bring back the promises of the governor Charles Soludo Chukwuma made to NDI Anambra on Education
This is the time for that manifesto to manifest.


The Honourable Speaker
Anambra State House Of Assembly
State Assembly Complex
Anambra State.

Dear Sir,
With great honour and privilege, I write to you as an investigative journalist whose life is under threat by thugs believed to be from the hierarchy of Anambra State Ministry of Education resident in Awka the state capital.
I am Mrs. Karen James an investigative journalist with pechilly Investigative channel, a registered and practicing investigative journalist, a native of Ukpor in NNEWI SOUTH LGA ,a law abiding citizen of the state .
However, the threat to life started after I published a story Titled: Over 600 out of school Children pushed unto the streets over closure of Blessed Wisdom Model School Onitsha by Anambra State Education Ministry. The news made headlines all over the media in Nigeria.
The threats increased significantly and steadily as I was accused of marching where the angels fear to thread, I was confronted by thugs to halt the investigation and publications as people that where in high authority in the Anambra State Education Ministry feels threatened, I received questionable calls from unknown callers who swear to assassinate me if I continued with the detailed investigation. I reported the matter to the police for proper investigation which I believe they are unto it.
We at pechilly Investigative channel, sincerely seek for your indulgence to call for the reopening of the Blessed Wisdom Model School so that the over 600 school children will go back to school thereby pulling them out from the streets .

Nevertheless the school has been closed since July 14th 2023 on the orders of the Anambra State Commissioner for Education over flogging saga. This particular action had left over 600 innocent children out of school unable to write their 3rd term promotion examination and discontinued their education and facing an uncertain future. This is against the good education legacies of Gov. Charles Soludo in Anambra State.

We believe that every child has the right to education and that it is the responsibility of the government to provide this fundamental right. It is unacceptable that the education of these children has been disrupted for so long without any clear reason.

We therefore urge you to use your influence to deliberate over the matter and possibly compel the Commissioner for Education Prof. to reopen the Blessed Wisdom Model School without any further delay. These children deserve to continue their education and to have access to the resources and opportunities that the school provides.
Sir, I have the full investigation evidences with me sir if required to tender them, as its very important that these school children gets back to school as September school resumption date is fast approaching.
Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

Amb. Karen James
Investigative journalist
Pechilly Investigative Channel .

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