SSDO, ActionAid establish GBV Response Teams in 3 communities in Enugu

The South Saharan Social Development Organization (SSDO) and ActionAid Nigeria have established Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Response Teams in three communities in Enugu State.

The three communities were the GBV Response Teams are formed included: Ihenyi and Orokoro communities in Isi-Uzo Local Government Area and Igga community in Uzo Uwani Local Government Area.

Speaking at the inauguration of the committee on GBV Response Team in Igga community on Monday, Miss Priye West, Local Rights Programme (LRP) Programme Officer, said that GBV remained a significant issue in the society, especially in rural communities.

West said GBV had caused immense harm and violating the fundamental rights of individuals, particularly women and girls in rural communities.

According to her, women often cower in fear as their source of livelihood is tied to their abusive partners.

She said: “Addressing GBV requires collaborative efforts from government agencies, community stakeholders and civil society organisations.

“Understanding this challenge, South Saharan Social Development Organization, in partnership with ActionAid Nigeria, under the Local Rights Programme in Enugu State, established a GBV Response Team in three communities.

“This committee of women, market leaders, and youth representatives will help raise awareness, prevent and quickly respond to GBV cases.

“As part of these efforts, an advocacy visit was conducted to community stakeholders in the three communities to get their buy-in”.

One of the committee members of GBV Response Team in Igga community, Mrs Joy Okorie, said that the committee would help women to speak out, deter husbands on using violence on their wives and create an atmosphere of dialogue in families.

No fewer than 14 persons, which is made up of women, market leaders and youth representatives, are currently members of the GBV Response Teams.

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