Open Letter to Governor Charles Soludo Part 3.justice for 600 kids who fail to write their examination

By Karen James

In a shocking turn of events, the Anambra State commissioner for education has been accused of cooking up lies against Blessed Wisdom Model School, which supposedly did nothing to deserve such treatment.

During a panel meeting held in relation to the closure of the school, a picture of an alleged battered baby was presented, the Commissioner took the picture with her phone, Pechilly investigative Channel Journalist was there when the commissioner snapshot the picture which the commissioner is claiming that the child sustained injured all over her body.

However, it was later revealed that the baby was sitting in the visitors’ room of the commissioner, chatting with her nanny. This casts doubt to the credibility of the commissioner’s claims, as it seems she fabricated the story in order to justify her actions against the school. Pechilly investigative Channel revealed.

Consequently the commissioner’s decision to close down the school was reported to endanger the lives of 600 students in danger, all for no good reason.

By acting in this manner, she has made the governor appear dishonest in the eyes of the public, especially given the fact that he is a strong supporter of education.

The commissioner however gives reasons for her actions, from the alleged flogging incident to a shelf falling on the child, and then to the negligence of not being able to contact the child’s parents.

Now, she is claiming that the school is illegal.

It is clear that she has been inconsistent in her statements and has not conducted a proper investigation into the matter.

All in all, it seems that the commissioner’s behaviour is questionable and has caused unnecessary harm to innocent parties.

It remains to be seen what action will be taken against her, but we hope that justice will prevail and that the school will be able to resume its operations safely and without further interference.

However, do the aid of the Commissioner for Education, Mr. Patrick has been busy filming the matter in regards to the flogging saga on the panel ground . However, there are now questions being raised as to whether or not all of the video footage was sent to the governor for preview before making is position public.

Pechilly investigative Channel has come forward in regards to this matter to challenge the aid’s stance and is suggesting that the video be made public in order for the public to judge if the Commissioner was wise in her decision to shut down Blessed Wisdom Model School.

However, Pechilly Channel Journalist in their investigation revealed that their conversations with a little girl who was allegedly hurt in the school.

According to the child, she was simply playing when she fell and there was no flogging or physical abuse found on her.

Pechilly investigative journalist added, why parading with a fake picture of the little child miss Egbunewi, why you as the commissioner truly know she is very much okay and sound. I have the present picture of the little child miss Egbunewi when she came to the panel discussion and when she left, the barrister of the parents carried the child on his body on that day 14 July 2023. Please call a spade a spade and say the truth.
Furthermore, Pechilly investigative Channel is questioning how a Commissioner can shut down a school without conducting proper investigation or consultim with the doctor who treated the child in question.

As this matter continues to unfold, the public is left with many unanswered questions, including the fate of the 600 children who is also a student of Blessed Wisdom Model School in Onitsha.

Mr Governor Charles Soludo lover of education where are you and what are you doing concerning the fate of the kids?

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