IYD: POCACOV interfaces with youths, tasks youths on integrity

The Police Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices (POCACOV), a police advocacy group, has tasked youths on sticking to the ways of integrity which encourages doing right things always.

“Integrity is a vital value or character of life, which encourages youths to always do the right things, even when no one is watching them,” Comrade Chinedu Ugbam, the Chairman of the POCACOV, Enugu State Chapter, said on Sunday in Enugu.

Ugbam, who is also POCACOV Volunteer Club Chairman in Enugu State, gave the task during the POCACOV commemoration of 2023 International Youth Day (IYD) Celebration in Enugu on Sunday, tagged: “Who Has Integrity Help?”.


According to him, though it may appear that integrity does not pay because those without integrity seem to be excelling, you should not be bothered as they will soon fade away.


He said: “No one will like to associate with them for long but be rest assured that someone with integrity and excellence, which are like two brothers, will outlive them and be cherished in the end.

“Those without integrity and excellent behaviours in the society, will certainly want to associate with you because they know that you possess integrity, which is all about honesty, forthrightness and diligence.

“I am here to challenge all of you (youths) to stick to integrity by towing to those reputable skills and activities which promote integrity and excellence for sustainable communities and cities.”


Speaking, Executive Director of Heroine Women Foundation, Mrs Onyinye Mamah, appreciated what POCACOV had been doing across Nigerian communities in terms of youth engagements and for organizing this an all important gathering for youths.


Mamah, who is also President of Women Support Women, also lauded the police advocacy group for keeping youths in a right frame of mind for functional and sustainable communities.


“The reward for integrity hardly comes spontaneously; hang in tight, but surely it pays more in the right and reaping time. Integrity comes in words, actions and thoughts.


“Your thoughts affect your integrity, your words mold your integrity and your action qualifies your integrity,” she said.


Manah admonished participants not to compromise integrity because of situations that they may be confronted with but to accept the challenge; cope with it and overcome it and then become the champion they are made to be.


She, however, challenged members of the society and government at all levels to always come up with a sustainable framework that would encourage transfers and bequeathing youths with relevant skills for sustainable communities and cities.

Earlier, Rev. Chukwudiebube Nwachukwu, POCACOV Advisor at the POCACOV Resource Centre, Abuja, thanked participants and speakers on behalf of the National Coordinator of POCACOV, CSP Ebere Amaraizu, and maintained that the entire programme was under POCACOV Inspire Activity.


“POCACOV Inspire Activity is aimed at promoting positive behaviours in our children, changing attitude, building skills among our young persons in partnership with relevant stakeholders and multi-agencies.

“This will help to create life changing opportunities for them to thrive for a functional community as well as sustainable cities and communities in line with the realisation of sustainable development goals,” Nwachukwu said.


He admonished young people to focus on skills while stakeholders are to embark on giving back to the society philosophy through transfer of knowledge and skills which would make our youths to know the importance of values over materialism.


Contributing, Comrade Chidubem Nwaibe, the President of the Student Union Government of Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy, Enugu, lauded POCACOV on the efforts of bridging the intergenerational gap and involving stakeholders in discussions about the challenges faced by today’s youths.


Nwaibe noted that POCACOV remained a crucial platform for dialogue and collaboration, where the wisdom and experiences of older generations can meet the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas of youths; thus, bringing everyone to the table.


“This is in line with POCACOV advocacy of engagement with young minds and transferring of skills and knowledge to the youth,” he said.


He further maintained that comprehensive solutions can be developed to pave the way for a brighter future together, while recommending that the conversation on this issue should try as much as possible to go beyond the event.


The International Youth Day, which is commemorated every Aug. 12, is has this year’s theme as “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World”.

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