Don urges Nigerians to exploit benefits of zobo leave to cure hypertension, others




Prof. Daniel Nwachukwu, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of University of Nigeria in-charge of University of Nigeria Enugu Campus (UNEC), has urged Nigerians to exploit the benefits of zobo leave to cure hypertension and other ailments.




Nwachukwu, who is a Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology in the university, gave the advice while delivering the 201st Inaugural Lecture of the University on Thursday in Enugu.




The Lecture was titled: “The Marriage Between the Cardiovascular System and Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Zobo leave): Let No One Put Asunder”.




He said that age-long research and findings had found Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Zobo leave) to be very effective in checking hypertension for those having the ailment and prevent others without the disease/ailment not to have it.




The don said that when zobo leave liquid extract is taken daily in moderate quantity it had a way of balancing and rejuvenating the function of the heart and the cardiovascular system as a whole.




According to him, zobo leaves also have special anti- blood sugar (diabetes) and obesity (especially type-2 obesity) checking property and propensity.




“Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Zobo leave) has been found to help the cardiovascular muscles and system (totality of the heart) to be working optimally and with vigour.




“Through research over the years, we have found out that Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Zobo leave) works better than any anti-hypertensive drug.




“Zobo leave is found around us; it is very cheap and does not have any medical side effect if taken moderately.




“Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Zobo leave) should be prepared by oneself to get the medicinal effect; as you only need the zobo leave and you boil it in hot water and sieve to get your healthy heart-helpful drink.




“People should sieve it and drink it without adding anything although it is sour but that is the best natural taste and good for your heart, kidney and urinary tract as well.




“We have done years of research and clinical trial on Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Zobo leave) and found out that it will be the best thing or marriage (union) ones heart can have,” he said.

Nwachukwu called on industrialists to key into the research and start producing undiluted Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Zobo leave) products for the benefit of the health of Nigerians.

“This will definitely create jobs and wealth for industrialists that can tap into the great healthy benefit of Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Zobo leave),” he said.




The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Charles Igwe, lauded Nwachukwu for delivering a lecture that was both academic, medical and economic in nature, adding: “everybody here has gained a new knowledge and have something to take home”.

Igwe said: “Through the institute’s Lion Bottle Water venture, we will see how possible to add zobo drink production as I know everyone want the great health benefits of zobo and want to live longer.




“We are also calling on industrialists and investors to come and partner the institution by taking advantage of our research findings and works here. This I know when converted to commercial purpose will make good business for them.”

The Vice-Chancellor thanked the members of the institution’s management, academia, captain of industries, politicians, traditional and spiritual leaders as well as students that attended the two-hour captivating lecture.

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