Buhari seeks peace in London over Daura

In a statement issued by Garba Shehu, Buhari’s former spokesperson, on Thursday, June 29, 2023, it was clarified that the former president relocated to London in search of a tranquil environment. Since his return to his hometown of Daura following the conclusion of his second term as president, a steady stream of visitors has flocked to see him, disrupting his quest for serenity.

Shehu commented, “Having initially chosen to reside in Daura, hoping to find the much-desired tranquility, the constant influx of visitors throughout the day and night forced him to seek a more remote abode.”

Buhari expressed his earnest desire to obtain the necessary rest he requires while fostering a conducive atmosphere for the Tinubu administration to fulfill the pledges it made to the Nigerian people.


Earlier reports detailed Buhari’s return to his birthplace, Daura, after the conclusion of his presidential tenure.

Notably, President Bola Tinubu recently held a meeting with Buhari in London, signifying the ongoing engagement between the two prominent political figures.

For further updates on this developing story, stay tuned to reliable news sources.

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