An Open Letter To Governor Soludo From Blessed Wisdom Model School, Onitsha, Anambra State

To: Governor Chukwuma Soludo
Anambra State Governor

Subject: Investigation of Allegations against Blessed Wisdom Model School, Onitsha, Anambra State

I am writing to report the findings of our investigative team on the allegations made against the Blessed Wisdom Model School located in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Our team spent several weeks diligently investigating the allegations of a teacher at the school flogging a little girl of two years old. After conducting interviews with school officials, students, parents, and even the little girl involved, we found that the school is innocent of these allegations.

See attached letter here:

In fact, our investigation revealed that the allegation was completely baseless. The real cause of the little girl’s injuries was due to a shelf that fell on her while she was playing. It seems the Commissioner for Education in Anambra State may have a personal interest in closing down the school. We suspect that the Commissioner has been influenced by her friends, who have fed her up with lies and misinformation about the school.

As a responsible civil society organization, we believe that it is our duty to bring attention to this situation and ensure that justice prevails. We have shared our findings with relevant governmental authorities and other stakeholders, with the hope that they will take swift action to protect the interests of innocent parties.

We urge the Commissioner for Education to reconsider her stance and conduct a fair and impartial investigation into the matter, rather than relying on hearsay and unsubstantiated rumors. We believe that the school and its officials have been unjustly accused and deserve a fair opportunity to clear their name.

Thank you for giving our team the opportunity to investigate this important issue. We remain committed to promoting transparency, accountability, and good governance in Nigeria.


Amb. Karen Chinyere James

Investigative Journalist

Pechilly Investigative Channel

Pechilly Limited.

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